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 2017 Rules and Regulations


  • This is a buddy club.  Bring your own partner.  In emergencies, as in the case of a single parent's need, a child 12 and under may ride in the boat with the team.  
  • Membership is $25.00 per year per team to be paid prior to fishing the first tournament.  Fee will go to $50.00 per team after the 4th tournament. Membership will only be taken the day of and the period of time leading up to a HOME tournament (West Point Lake and Lake Wedowee are HOME Lakes). The period of time between the conclusion of a home tournament and the blast off of the next away tournament club registration is closed. 
  • $75.00 entry fee per tournament will be paid prior to blast-off.  Boats will be required to get a boat # card at sign in the morning of the tournament. $50 will go to tournament payout, $10 to big fish (2 big fish paid out per tournament, 70% to largest fish 30% to second largest fish), $15 to Classic Pot.  Boats will go out in flights of 40.  You must ride by the blast-off boat and show your boat # card.  If you have paid for a tournament and don't make that tournament, the entry fee will roll to the next tournament.
  • Scoring will be done on the point system-1st place 200 points, 2nd place 199 points, etc.  Any team that zeros will get 10 points less than the last place team.  
  • Should a team disband during the year, the member signed up as team captain will retain all points and pounds.  If the other member rejoins with a new partner, they will be required to pay regular membership fees and points will start from scratch. 
  • Substitutions, if needed, will be allowed.    Substitutions on away lakes must be previously approved by the WGBC commitee.    Classic team members must be in place no later than the eighth (8th) tournament. If you don't have a partner named for the Classic by the 8th tournament, you will have to fish alone.  No exceptions !
  • Tournaments will pay 1 in 6 places.  First place members each tournament will receive plaques. 
  • CLASSIC.  Teams must fish a minimum of eight (8) tournaments to qualify for the Classic.  Classic will pay 100% of the accumulated funds, less $50 which will be added to the big fish pot.  Big Fish pot will be divided and Big Fish will be paid both days. 70% to biggest fish each day 30% to second biggest fish each day.  Classic will pay 1 in 6 places.  Blast off for the Classic on the first day will be how you finished for the year and  blast off for the second day will be the order you finished the first day.
  • Points for all 12 tournaments will be used to determine “Anglers of the Year”. Anglers of the Year will win 5% of the Classic money. 
  • Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 teams at the end of the year.  The top five (5) finishing teams will fish the Classic free, but will pay $10.00 for the Big Fish pot.  All other qualifying teams will be required to pay $75.00 to fish the Classic.  
  • The team with the most pounds for the year will receive plaques and the team member with the biggest fish for the year will receive a plaque. 
  • Weigh in 5 fish per tournament.  Short fish weighed in will cost the team their biggest fish.  No culling of dead fish.  No culling at the ramp.  All fish will be released back into the lake.  No fish will be taken from the lake during a club tournament with the exception of the big fish taken for mounting purposes.
  • Off-limits fishing areas for West Point Lake include waters above Bush Head Shoals. 
  • We ask that our members use respect and courtesy on the water. If a boat receives numerous complaints the situation will be reviewed by the committee 
  • 12” spots will be allowed on West Point, Wedowee and Eufaula.  The only criteria for identifying spots will be the tooth patch on the tongue.  (committee vote)
  • There will be a .2 lb penalty deducted for each dead fish weighed in. 
  • Tournaments will be from safe daylight to 3:00 p.m. E.S.T. 
  • Livewells will be checked prior to blast off.    No trolling or live bait will be permitted.  Conventional bass fishing methods apply, ie, casting one rod at a time. 
  • All bass caught while sight fishing must be hooked inside the mouth.  
  • Getting out of your boat to advance the boat to a fishing spot will not be permitted. 
  • Anyone late for weigh in will be disqualified and will not be allowed to weigh in any fish.  Team will still receive show points.  Boats  must be inside ramp buoys by 3:00 p.m. for first flight, 3:15 for 2nd flight, 3:30 for 3rd flight, etc. 
  • Any team who recruits three (3) new teams will fish the next tournament for free. 
  • All rules of the club will be enforced.  Good sportsmanship is encouraged.  There will be random polygraph tests throughout the year, including the Classic.  Results of the polygraph examination will be the final decision.  Failure to submit to a polygraph test will result in immediate disqualification.
  • West Georgia Team Bass Club is solely owned by its members.  It is totally a non-profit organization. 
  • Team captains will receive a letter after each tournament regarding the standings, any club information and location of the next tournament.  This information can also be found at  www.WestGeorgiaBassClub.com. 
  • In signing the membership form, I release West Ga. Team Bass Club of all liabilities of any damage to property or persons during any of its events.   
  • Tournaments that would have to be cancelled/rescheduled due to any unforeseen events will be decided by the committee.   
  • The decision of the club committee is final in all situations, as well as our right to refuse membership to anyone we decide would not be an asset to the Club. 

For more information or any questions, call Club President,  Matthew Headrick office 706-756-2411, cell 706-523-0590, Tournament Director, Matt McClung, 706-523-6088  or you can e-mail info@gllmarine.com   

Club address: 

West GA Bass Club
3017 West Point Rd
LaGrange Ga. 30240



I have read and understand the rules and regulations.


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